We are not Jewish! We were born to be saved: bought to serve. We have followed Him home. We are Hebrew: as Abraham is. What is the difference between Jewish and Hebrew? Hebrew "was" before the tribes were born. Eber - today pronounced Hebrew, means to cross over/from beyond here. We were adopted into Judaism by the Son

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Children shall enter

because they have no pride.

Why do people wait until the last possible moment to ask for help? PRIDE! There are 6 things that our Lord and King rejects, and the 7th most hated is PRIDE.

When people delay in asking... the problems just get worse. However, we believe in the Word Orh; the Torah made flesh and blood; who is the Son  and Glory of The Unseen, He says... without the darkness the Light would not be known. Problems are of the darkness which serves a good purpose. Don't live in the dark. Ask to know...

A young Jewish boy with Autism WANTED a Bar Mitzvah and he


Byit = House

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To have every believer we come in contact with... KNOW HEBREW!

Modern Hebrew is an ordinary language but ancient, Torah/Old Testament Hebrew is a PERSON... it is the Word of G-d and the Word of G-d was made flesh.and blood.