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Founded: Spring of 2009

Owner: Yehoshua Shel'Natzrat and Family


Areas of expertise: 
We personally understand that to serve the people, you have to serve the need and never judge if the person is deserving. It is not our job to interview your worthiness because in His eyes... all are worthy, it is our job to serve the least of His people and give them a hand up like He gave to us..

Widows and orphans first!

Ancient Hebrew Aleph Bet

Ancient Hebrew is not a language, modern Hebrew is but not Biblical or Torah Hebrew. Torah Hebrew is a living organism of nothing you have ever seen or will see anywhere else. As soon as children are able to pop a piece of solid food in their mouth and chew on it; its time to learn Biblical Hebrew.

It only takes one hour to share the basics and then you are off on your own fully prepared to dig into the vastness of the Letters of Light.

Faith of a Child Ministry

   ~ Byit ICU

Byit = Hebrew for House

Chokmah = Hebrew for Wisdom/Imagination

Binah = Hebrew for The Imagined Creationmade real

Da'at = Hebrew for Full Understanding of the Creation

Faith of a Child

Comes out of The Father's Checed

Ongoing Projects and Support

Community Service
We are always looking for people to donate gift card to the Dunkirk Office of the Aging. We have a desparate need in this demographic group. Many grandparents are raising their children's children alone and we very little help because they are not the actual guardian of the child(ren).

Please help... send a "VISA" gift or cash card today for any amount. Feel free to mention us but there's no need to and it makes no difference to us either way.. We don't want the credit, that belongs to Him through YOU!

Send to...

Dunkirk Senior Center

Attention Kate Finch or Bridgette
45 Cliffstar Court
Dunkirk, NY 14048
Ph: 716-363-38652

We, personally, do NOT TAKE any donations! Our Aba fills our every need and we want for nothing other than for Him to use us for His Glory's sake... His Name's Sake. Ahmahn!

Coming Soon...

We are selecting and testing recipes that are yummy, quick and affordable on any budget.

We are also building up some everyday DIY helpers to help you maintain your home, car, and out of doors.

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